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All caravan sites in Denmark can become part of the GREENSTAY label scheme.

They must go through an admissions process and pay a fee to be admitted.

Every 2 years, the caravan site must be re-admitted into the eco label scheme by repeating the admission process.

The process

The application process is simple and transparent and has four steps.

Step 1

The campsite writes to Camping Outdoor Denmark at and requests to be admitted into the GREENSTAY eco label

They will then be sent a link to a criteria list containing 56 criteria covering 5 SDSs.

Step 2

The campsite completes the criteria list online via mobile phone or laptop and sends it back to Camping Outdoor Denmark. The caravan site must answer yes or no to the 56 questions. If they can answer yes to more than 50% of the questions, they are eligible to join the eco label. The caravan site must also complete a development plan outlining what they have already done in terms of sustainability with regard to concrete actions and what they plan for the future.

Step 3

Camping Outdoor Denmark sends a consultant to the campsite to inspect and check if the campsite meets the requirements and the answers match the reality on site. The campsites’ compliance with the criteria is assessed by Camping Outdoor Denmark’s authorized consultants, e.g. a campsite can receive the GREENSTAY label scheme in connection with Camping Outdoor Denmark’s annual star rating visit.

Step 4

All documentation from the caravan site and the consultant will be checked by Camping Outdoor Denmark. If the documentation meets the requirements, the caravan site can be registered. The caravan site is invoiced a fee for inclusion and it is then sent documentation and marketing materials to show that they are now part of the eco label.

Documentation and reporting every two years

Every two years, the caravan site must be re-entered into the label scheme. They need to show that they continue to work towards sustainable development. This means they fill out the criteria list again so they can show how they’ve progressed. When they fill out the criteria list the second time, they must meet 80% of the criteria to remain part of the eco label. This means that the requirements are higher the second time the caravan site is reinstated in the eco label. They also fill out the development plan again and account for what has happened since last time in terms of concrete actions and what is planned for the future.

Summary: To become part of the GREENSTAY eco label, the site must meet a minimum of 50% of the criteria within each objective in the first year, and then in year three, the site must meet a minimum of 80% of the criteria.

Camping Outdoor Denmark can withdraw a membership of the label scheme at any time if the caravan site no longer meets the criteria.

Prices for members of Camping Outdoor Denmark

Members of Camping Outdoor Denmark can join the GREENSTAY eco label at a very favorable price

The price is DKK 2.000,- if combined with star rating, and DKK 4.000,- if the GREENSTAY inspection is not performed at the same time as the star rating.

When the caravan site is reinstated two years later, they only pay DKK 2000

Price for non-members

For non-members of Camping Outdoor Denmark, the price is somewhat higher. It costs DKK 8,000 to join the GREENSTAY eco label When the membership is resumed two years later, they pay DKK 4,000

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